Restoration & Conservation

Piano4te specializes in both the restoration and conservation of modern, antique and period style pianos. Our deep technical skills combined with a sensitive understanding for their applications gives Piano4te the expertise necessary for all facets of piano work. Be it a 19th century Erard or Broadwood, or an early 20th century Steinway or Mason & Hamlin, our mission is singular: to keep the piano strong. To accomplish this, Piano4te maintains a modern and well equipped restoration shop that draws on old world techniques and crafts.


Should you have a piano that is in need of serious work, work which would allow the piano a return to its original beauty, or if you are considering purchasing such an instrument, we are here to help and work with you. A full array of operations is here for you, from soundboard and pinblock replacement to new action installation and concert voicing, complete refinishing to finish conservation, pickup to delivery.

And should the question arise, and it most always does, "Why should I invest into an older piano when I could buy a new one?" the answer is one that can only be experienced. Like a fine vintage wine, a piano from the great craftsmen of the past has a richness and depth of character that is unmatched today. It is a feast for both the ears and the eyes.