Piano4te takes pride in providing a comfortable and lavish space to showcase both restored and unrestored pianos. Not your typical piano showroom, the sitting room, as it has come to be called, creates an ambience that communicates the unique natures of the pianos that have been chosen to fill its floor. There is history and greatness here: a Longman & Broderip square, London c. 1795; a J. B. Streicher grand, Vienna 1868; a Mason & Hamlin AA grand, Boston, complete with the Marshall Field's decal on the nameboard from where it sold in 1921. As well as style and elegance: a charming pianino by Thomas Tomkison, London c. 1840; a George Steck grand in high Victorian rosewood, New York c. 1880; a rich and finely detailed Paul Mehlin grand with cabriole leg, New York 1907. These are a sampling of the important period, antique and modern pianos available for showing and purchase at the shop and showrooms of Piano4te.

Should you require a piano of a particular style or maker, we can attempt to locate that perfect piano for you through our Piano Finder Service, or gently guide you in the right direction.


In addition to pianos, we also maintain an inventory of unique and original accessories that will add definition to your piano's environment. Period stools, music stands, and now the facility to make custom piano shawls in the fabric of choice. With a broad range of resources, we invite you to call on us when you require assistance in the fine tuning of your piano's surroundings.

Please refer to the Location page for showroom hours and directions.

Thank you for visiting. We look forward to working with you and meeting you in person.



























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